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Introducing – ProDentim

ProDentim is the world’s first oral probiotic formula that is derived naturally and contains probiotic strains that are extracted from 100% natural sources. It is specially formulated for people across the globe who are fed up with weaker oral health.

Toothache, swollen gums, bleeding gums, shrinking gums, tooth decay, gap between teeth, cavities, tartar, plaque, bad breath, ulcers, rash, redness, inflammation, falling of teeth, food particles accumulation, nerve sensitivity, and many more problems can be commonly seen.

You name it and ProDentim treats it. How? This formula contains natural probiotic strains that can increase the number of good bacteria in the mouth to fight off the bad bacteria.

ProDentim is made in a way that it becomes 100% for consumption for all adults. You may find nothing like it as it has 3.5 billion probiotic strains that can repopulate good, healthy and essential bacteria in your mouth.

You can take ProDentim tablets every day to increase the protection of your dental and gums health. And no, it can never cause any side effects since it is scientifically tested to boost your oral health, digestion, gut health, metabolism, and restorative deep sleep. It benefits your teeth and gums in every way you’d think.

ProDentim is free from side effects because of its natural formulation. You can’t get such benefits from your regular oral care products and that’s a guarantee. Try ProDentim and you will never want anything else.

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Benefits & Functions – ProDentim

ProDentim (the advanced oral probiotic supplement) has many advanced functions to support your oral health:

  • Cleaning: ProDentim’s soft tablets can be chewed every morning as they are meant to cleanse your teeth, gums, and mouth walls and remove any bad bacteria that would harm your mouth throughout the day.

  • Repopulating Good Bacteria: As the real root cause of any oral health disease is the lack of good bacteria, this supplement helps increase the number of healthy bacteria in your mouth.

  • Removing Plaque, Tartar, Cavities: The soft chewy tablets go around your mouth, mix with the saliva and its ingredients remove the plaque, tartar and old cavities that have made your mouth their home. It completely reverses such conditions.

  • Reducing Sensitivity: It increases the protection over your nerve endings so you don’t feel sensitive every time you take a big bite. It improves your gums and teeth fixtures so there are no huge gaps to make you feel very sensitive. It also reduces inflammation and pain which may cause sensitivity.

  • Increasing Protective Enamel Layer: After a few years, our teeth’s enamel starts rubbing off and coming out, this can damage the teeth and nerves too. ProDentim helps protect the enamel layer to prevent future dental procedures. It also improves an additional enamel coating to be sure that the teeth remain healthy.

  • Boosting Immunity: Its probiotics will keep your teeth healthy and gums safe because your body’s immunity will be boosted. It contains so many nutrients that keep your gut and digestion clean and healthy to boost immunity.

  • Fighting Germs: It fights germs by adding the good bacteria or the fighters to kill all germs causing decay and cavities in your mouth. This increases protection and maintains oral hygiene. It also helps reduce bad breath.

  • Removing Debris: As we eat, a lot of food particles get stuck in our teeth and on our gums. When we fail to remove them for a long time, they begin to generate bad bacteria and germs that cause problems. Hence, ProDentim tablets can remove them easily and prevent cavities.

  • Protecting Gut Health: The good bacteria in ProDentim and all the probiotic strains enter the digestive tract and start healing the gut and GI tract. This can prevent a lot of health problems in the future and keep you healthier than ever.

  • Enhancing Deep Sleep: As the toothache and sensitivity stop, your sleep naturally improves and you can wake up fully restored and refreshed.

Ingredients – ProDentim

ProDentim contains a blend of 3.5 billion probiotic strains. These five unique strains are…

  • Lactobacillus Paracasei: It helps your body reduce inflammation so you don’t have to suffer from dental aches and swelling of the gums. It also helps reduce the sensitivity when inflammation is eased. It goes easy on your nerves.

  • Lactobacillus Reuteri: It can naturally boost your gut healthy by adding more healthy and good bacteria to your gut health. It helps detoxify the system and oral health as many bad bacteria stay uninvited in your mouth and body.

  • B.lactis BL-04®: It is added to many probiotic supplements to improve gut flora as your gut health is the most important thing for your overall health. It directly adds these good bacteria to your mouth so the dental problems are eased too.

  • BLIS K-12: It helps control various health issues as your body gets a lot of immunity-boosting healthy bacteria from this strain. It naturally whitens your teeth, cleanses your tongue, and prevents mouth ulcers too.

  • BLIS M-18: It helps your teeth remain as they are for a long period without straining them. It also promotes white and sparkling teeth so you can smile confidently. Additionally, BLIS M-18 can restrict the growth of bad bacteria.

It also contains 5 unique nutrients:

  1. Inulin: It can reduce the bad bacteria growth in your mouth so the oral health conditions are eased and soothed. It can even promote healthy gut health.

  2. Malic acid: It is commonly used to make your teeth shiny white. This helps you drink and enjoy all kinds of beverages.

  3. Tricalcium Phosphate: It reduces the pain caused due to open nerve endings. This also helps with sensitivity and swelling.

  4. Spearmint: It mainly refreshes your breath and helps you deal with the bad bacteria that give you a bad mouth odour.

  5. Peppermint: It promotes healthy inflammatory responses that can help you deal with various mouth conditions easily.

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  • It promotes teeth and gums health conditions

  • It reduces the need to visit dentists.

  • It reduces the cost of getting dental implants.

  • It preserves your teeth for longer periods.

  • It saves your gums and prevents them from shrinking.

  • It works for old as well as young people.

  • It is better than brushing twice, flossing once a day, or even using mouthwash after meals.

  • It works best for people with tooth decay.

  • It has immediate results.

  • It reduces bad breath and improves the texture of your teeth.

  • It reduces the risk of gaps, holes, and debris between teeth.

  • It prevents periodontitis and its expenses.

  • It reduces the need to apply anti-ulcer creams.

  • It treats your gut and digestive health effortlessly.

  • It boasts deep and restorative sleep.

  • It reduces open nerve endings.

  • It enhances your enamel and prevents decay.

  • It cleanses your teeth’s surfaces.

  • It reduces the risk of respiratory diseases.

  • It improves cellular health.

  • It protects all your respiratory organs such as the nose, ears, and throat.


  • It is only available online

  • It may not be available offline in stores too.

  • If you are under the age of 18, you can’t have ProDentim.

  • If you are pregnant, lactating, or planning a pregnancy, you should consult a doctor first.

  • If you have allergies to using probiotics, consult a doctor before taking ProDentim.

  • If you are on medicines or have scheduled a procedure, you should not replace those with ProDetim.

  • It may some time before your condition fully improves.

  • You should take it regularly to see the best effects.

Dosage & Consumption – ProDentim

It is recommended that an adult takes one to two soft tablets of ProDentim every day. Simply chew it every morning for the best results.

They recommend taking it in the morning to reduce the growth of bad bacteria throughout the day. When you consume ProDentim in the morning, you get about 3.5 billion healthy probiotic strains to keep your oral health environment healthy throughout the day.

It is necessary that you take it consistently for 3 to 6 or even more months to keep the results intact. You must not mix ProDentim with other similar supplements, medicines, or ingredients as it may cause drug intervention in some cases.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can get ProDentim at the price of a nice pair of clothing today. That’s how huge the discounts are. Unbelievable, isn’t it? You can get these discounts only on ProDentim’s official page:

  1. ONE BOTTLE: Purchase a 30-day supply of ProDentim for $69 today.

  2. THREE BOTTLES: Purchase a 90-day supply of ProDentim for $177 today. ($59 per bottle)

  3. SIX BOTTLES: Purchase a 180-day supply of ProDentim for $294 today. ($49 per bottle)


  1. Bonus #1 – Bad Breath Gone. One Day Detox

  2. Bonus #2 – Hollywood White Teeth at Home

The RRP for each is $109, but you get these for free on three and six bottles of ProDentim only for a limited period.

To make your purchase more secure, the sellers offer a 60-day 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

So if you are not satisfied with your purchase for whatsoever reason, you can ask for a refund within two months of purchase. Just write or contact them and they will initiate a full refund immediately.


How would you rate ProDentim if it treated all your dental and gums problems? What would you think of it if it didn’t pinch your pockets at all yet gave you a perfect dental and oral clean-up?

How would it feel to have white teeth and fresh breath? How would you feel if you became confident and smiled ear to ear again? Incredible, right? That’s the power of ProDentim.

If you want to boost your oral hygiene and repopulate your mouth with healthier and immunity-boosting bacteria, ditch those gimmicks and remedies and try ProDentim today.

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