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Current Strategy

The 2019-2025 Strategic Refresh sets the course for the current 5-year period and takes into account new research, lessons learned, fresh community perspectives, and our renewed commitment to achieving racial equity for Baltimore’s babies and families.

Here’s a quick overview of the Strategic Refresh:

Our Vision

All Baltimore children are born healthy and grow and thrive in healthy families.

Our Mission


Improve health before pregnancy

Support families to raise healthy babies

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Ensure quality care during pregnancy

Promote social and economic justice

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Expected Outcomes

Primary Outcome:

All babies are born health and reach their first birthdays

15% Infant mortality rate

20% Black-white disparity in infant mortality rate

Secondary Outcomes:

All babies and toddlers are safe

5% Substantiated abuse and neglect rate 

5% Black-white dispartity in substantiated abuse and neglect rate 

All babies and toddlers are ready for school

10% Children entering kindergarten ready for school

15% Black-white disparity in children entering kindergarten ready for school

Key Initiatives


Rally around priority health areas


Advocate for equitable policies


Mobilize communities


Transform systems and services for families and children ages 0-3


Connect people to resources

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