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Birth Control

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If you do not want to have more children right now, there are steps you can to prevent pregnancy. Birth control is a safe and easy way to do that.

What is Birth Control?

Basic Information

The point of birth control, sometimes called "contraception", is to stop pregnancy from happening by preventing a sperm and an egg from meeting. There are a lot of different birth control methods. Some have hormones, others don't. Some work by keeping the sperm from reaching the egg, while others stop women's bodies from releasing an egg every month.

Something to keep in mind is, even if you are pregnant, you still need to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The condom is the only birth control method that does that.



Every body is different, so there is not single birth control method that is better than others--it depends on what you want and need. Your doctor can help you decide, but you can start by thinking about some questions:

  1. Do you want to have more children?

  2.  If you do want more children, when do you want to get pregnant?

  3. How often do you want to take the method?

To explore methods, you can visit There, you sort methods by what matters to you most and you can also find clinics that will take care of your sexual and reproductive health needs. 


Birth Control Resources

If you have more questions about birth control in Baltimore City, there are a lot of affordable and confidential places you can get help. Here are some options for place to get birth control and to find help paying for it.

Maryland Family Planning Program

If you need help paying for birth control, HealthCare Access Maryland can help you apply for this program. 



Title X Clinics

Access confidential, affordable birth control and other sexual health services at one of these Baltimore City clinics.

24/7 Substance Use/Mental Health Help

If you are in crisis, Baltimore Crisis Response, Inc. will connect you to help and services.


Smoking Cessation Support

If you need help quitting smoking, MD Tobacco Quitline will connect you to free support.

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